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  • Downtown Boca Film Festival
  • Official Selection at Downtown Boca Film Festival 2011
  • VIEWER FEEDBACK from DBFF: "This film was the best film I saw all day!
    You did a great job. It was interesting, entertaining, creative and sheds light on a serious subject that many people don't know about. So, good job and I'm glad you had a good turnout.  Your film definitely engaged the audience." -Jan Engoren, Boca Raton, FL
Image Title Cutline

A 911 call dispatches an ambulance in Parma, Ohio, while the operator guides staff as they administer CPR to Faith Finley after a restraint.

Anxious and Alone

Knowing a young person's background, her wishes and fears, is the surest way to deescalate a potentially violent episode and eliminate the use of restraints.


The clarion call to eliminate the use of all restraints is truly a life-and-death issue.


Chemical restraints teach nothing and, at best, provide only a fleeting, medically-induced respite from symptoms associated with enduring psychosocial and developmental disabilities.

Lost and Confused

Treatment providers, educators, and parents strive to understand what soothes and salves a child's wounded psyche.


Even when in a lovingly structured environment, a child's life has moments of excruciating sadness and confusion.

Sand Man

We cannot simply erase our past mistakes, but rather we must learn from them along the way to discovering humane, therapeutic interventions.

School Buses

Schools and all institutions can remain breeding grounds for anxiety and depression or move toward becoming trauma-sensitive environments that inspire healthy growth.

Stuck Bug

Together we can create new, strong, hopeful memories to move on from and replace the worrisome recollections that trap our children.

Tanner's Birthday Wish

Bob and Karen Wilson's son, Tanner, died in a restraint at a psychiatric facility in Mason City, Iowa. Birthday celebrations are one of the many happy memories they cherish.